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I haven’t posted anything here in a couple of years because I decided to grow up a little, get serious about photography and create a more professional blog and website. To see that work yourself, please head over to my new blog.



Tosh Gallery Showing

I am going to be part of my first gallery show, starting next week! SO excited!! Thanks to my awesome friend and boss Dave Kasprick from Red Cod Forge, one of my favourite mushroom photos is now a piece of metal art! What makes it even cooler is that I did most of the welding on the piece! 😀 Dave has also turned another photo from another great photographer, Randy Hall, into a beautiful piece of metal art.  He also is contributing many other pieces that are not directly related to photography, but beautiful all the same.  There are two more metal artists contributing to this show (Catherine Lavalle, Kelly Gough) as well as a fourth metal artist showing on his own at the same time  (Jay Holbrook). If you are in the Qualicum Beach area from June 25- July 15, come check out the show at the Tosh Gallery (Old School House) in Qualicum.




Random Portraits: Worth Every Moment

2013-09-26_0004Most of the photography I do results in a lot of pictures, a set if you will.  But sometimes, all I get is one single picture of a person that is beautiful and speaks volumes about nature, or who they are.  Sometimes I get two.  This blog post is a collection of those photographs from the last six months. The first of these photos (right) is a portrait of a model who helped me out with a class project.  The rest are portraits of friends.  🙂

2013-10-22_0001 2013-10-24_0002 2013-10-31_0001

Herring Roe- Salish Style

2014-03-19_0002Every year, once a year, the herring come to town.  When they come to town, they lay their eggs (roe) in the water.  It is an unmistakable time on the west coast.  There are many more seagulls flying around, there are seals and sea lions closer to the shore, and then there is the smell.  That unmistakable smell of herring roe on the beach.  Every dog owner who likes to walk their dog along the water knows this smell for sure.  It’s a dog’s favorite body odor to acquire.  They roll in it, they sniff it, they eat it.

But herring roe is not only good for the dogs.  If you can get it fresh out of the water, it is also tasty for people.  The tiny eggs make for a delicious edition to salads among other things.  First Nations cultures on the west coast here have known that for a very long time, which is why it is part of their traditional diet.  I have had the pleasure of tagging along for two years in a row now as a few of my First Nations friends have laid out roe traps along the beach.  This is some photos from this year’s activities.2014-03-19_0005


2014-03-19_0006  2014-03-19_0004 2014-03-19_0010 2014-03-19_0001 2014-03-19_0009 2014-03-19_0008 2014-03-19_0007

The Crocus are Here!

2014-03-11_0002Spring is finally here, and it is showing up in the most beautiful, small ways!

I moved into this property in August of last year and I am incredibly excited to see what the gardens here have in store for me.  The year has already started with some beautiful snowdrops and at least four different varieties of crocus.  I can’t want to see what else this yard has in store for me! 2014-03-11_0001

We also have some rose bushes that are promising some gorgeous blooms and there are bulbs pushing their foliage out of the ground everywhere. We have also worked hard to get rid of as much of the invasive ivy that is on the property as we can.  English Ivy will grow all year round and takes over any space that it is allowed to when not attended to.  It had overtaken a good portion of our property when we moved here, but we have cleared out 3/4 of it now and we hope to finish the job off soon and hopefully allow for more beautiful flowers to show their faces.  I can’t wait to see what this year brings!

2014-03-11_0003All of these photos were captured with my Nikon D3100 and a 108mm nikkor macro lens.  I love taking macro photos.  It’s amazing how intricate and beautiful things are when you get up close, and I almost always discover something I didn’t know was there when I go to edit the macro shots that I have taken.  I hope you enjoy them as well.

2014-01-24_0006   2014-03-11_0006


Katie- Ann and Ben: Young Love in a Beautiful Place

2014-02-15_0001I’ve said this before, and I’m going to say it again- couples are my favorite people to photograph.  Something about photographing two people in love not only guarantees gorgeous and perfect images, but it allows me to spend time with people enjoying one another and to capture those moments for them to see forever.  When you add a stunning natural background in with that love, it makes for an amazing combination that you just can’t go wrong with.  That is how I feel about these pictures of Ben and Katie- Ann.  Young love with amazing colors and a gorgeous location.  What more could you ask for in a couple’s portrait shoot? Ben and Katy are goofy and adorable and I think their true personalities really show through in these pictures, which is exactly what I aim for in all of my portrait sessions. 2014-02-15_0002 There is nothing I like better than showcasing who people really are and how they feel about each other through photos. Our gorgeous ocean and forest backdrops were courtesy of Rathrevor Provincial Park just outside of beautiful Parksville, BC.  If you like what you see or would like to book a portrait session with me, please check out my Facebook page and my website 🙂

Click on the photos to see the larger versions.  I’m not sure why they aren’t showing up in a larger size.










Snow White and the Three Witches

One day I went for a walk through the forest and I found myself in a fallow field.  The field was amazingly beautiful, but it told me a forlorn story of a battle between good and evil, dark and light, youth and decay.  It told me that I needed to photograph this story. A year later, this is the result of that encounter with a hidden field.  Snow White and the Three Witches: the story of three witches stealing the youth of a beautiful young girl.

2014-02-19_0001 2014-02-17_0002 2014-02-17_0003 2014-02-17_0004 2014-02-17_0005 2014-02-17_0006 2014-02-17_0007

Unfortunately, due to the fact that is snowed, we ended up shooting in a different field that the one I originally intended, but regardless I love how it turned out. Thanks to the Pickards for unknowingly donating your field’s time for the shoot 🙂 haha.

2014-02-16_0002This the first shoot I have done that involved more than two models and a hair and make-up person. Thanks everyone who was involved for braving the very wet snow to make this idea a reality! Here are four behind the scenes photos from the shoot.

Witches: Jordan Greco, Hannah Watson, Jessica Allan
Snow White: Emily Carol Ruedig
Snow White Make-up and awesome Assistant: John Burrage
Witch’s Make-up: Jessica Allan
Hair: Hannah Watson
Wardrobe: Styled by each model and I, with extra input for John.

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